Zodwa’s dress breaks the net

Guys, someone sold Zodwa an unfinished dress I tell you! Or only a quarter of her dress…

Yes by now people know that Zodwa is a proud nudist, but seeing her booty on full display in a thong dress still left social media shook.

Zodwa raised the bar higher on what seems to be a music video set for Oskido’s music video for his latest single, Serope (loosely translated it means thigh).

The entertainer shared a string of pics from what seemed like a normal, body-hugging gold dress posing next to the legend.

Then she turned around and bam! Or should we say bum?

The dress was a thong: 

While most of y’all really just love to hate Zodwa’s freedom of expression, she’s a grown a** woman  (see what we did there), so she knows what she’s doing.

Her a**, as she has said previously (many many times) is her money maker and she’s going to flaunt it, cellulite and all!

In case you’re here for it, here are more of those snaps:

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