Zahara accused of failing to make bond payments

Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana just can’t shake off the rumours that she has financial problems.

A report by the Sunday Sun claims the award-wining artist is in danger of losing her Roodepoort home after failing to make payments on her bond.

The publication says South Gauteng High Court documents filed by Nedbank reveal that she owes R1 731 684.62 for the home.

The Loliwe hitmaker obtained a home loan with the bank in July 2012.

Alleged failure to make payments since June 2017
“The last payment the applicant [Nedbank] received from the respondent [Bulelwa Mkutukana] was an amount of R19 481,06 on June 2017,” the document states, according to the Sunday Sun.

The publication says the bank needs the court to give an execution request to recover the money.

“Bearing in mind that the outstanding amount is substantial, the attachment and selling of household furniture and effects (movable property) are unlikely to satisfy even a small portion of the outstanding amount (let alone all of it). The attachment and sale of the movable property, contrary to popular belief, will only serve to increase the hardship of the respondent.”

Zahara’s manager Oyama Dyosibo allegedly refused to make a comment when contacted by the paper.

It’s not the first time Zahara has been in the headlines for alleged financial issues.
A 2016 report claimed she owed Nedbank R35 000 on her Roodeport home after failing to make payments for two months. She was also said to be behind on her water and electricity account.

The Sunday World reported in April 2017 that the singer-songwriter was battling to make payments on the Audi A5 she bought in 2012.

She was allegedly nine months behind on the payments at the time.


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