Khanyi Mbau takes on Die for role as sexy unhinged criminal

PAM GRIER standing in front of a building talking on a cell phone: Khanyi Mbau is expected to appear in Uzalo next month. Popular soapie Uzalo has shaken things up by adding famous faces to the screen with Mbau set to star as ‘Lady Die’.

The most-watched show in the counrry is going to get even better with Khanyi Mbau stepping into the Uzalo storyline next week.

Mbau will play MaNgcobo’s scandalous cousin, Dinekile, also known as Lady Die.

She’s beautiful, sexy and a slightly unhinged criminal.

She looks for thrills and never leaves behind a chance to be associated with criminal activity.

A shoplifter by trade, she’s no stranger to the inside of a prison cell.

Called upon by MaNgcobo to help execute a Set It Off-style theft, there’s the question of whether Die will be able to pull it off?

She may look like a Barbie doll, but when it comes to weapons  – when it comes to danger – that’s the one thing she finds thrilling and she loves it.

It’s like how white people will climb a mountain or go hiking in the most dangerous parts of the world – she would rather be involved in a heist – and not for the money, but for the rush.

She’s a shady somebody – a pathological liar. In her mind, she is a glamorous, rich girl who’s a slay queen living this life, but in true essence, she lives in a shack, she’s never been to the ocean, she’s never had all those things she aspires to have.

She looks up to the likes of your Bonangs and Khanyi Mbaus – those are the girls she sees and she’s like “that’s the life I want to live”.

So you can already imagine what type of person you’re dealing with.

The weave, the nails, the fashion, she’s really an out-there kind of person.

It’s the only place at that moment where you get to see a truly diverse South Africa, touching on issues we all deal with day to day – but not in your face.

Mbau steps into the role of Lady Die on Uzalo next week.

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