Twitter drags Stogie-T for ‘get a job’ comments

While some of us just wanna celebrate the public holiday already, it seems others would prefer it if Tumi Molekane would just disappear.

The Visa hitmaker, who now calls himself Stogie-T, was caught an L on Twitter when he told followers that he had been stopped by a guy asking if he wanted to “hear the bars”.

Instead, of listening to a young verse from the bro, Tumi suggested the guy get a job.

Tumi must have thought he was taking swimming lessons because a tsunami of hate came flooding across his timeline from peeps dragging him over his comment about the guy.

Tumi shrugged of the criticism and claimed some would see his honesty as caring. He later returned to the Twitter streets to explain that if the criticism stopped the rapper from pursuing his dream, maybe rap wasn’t for him.

“It’s 9.18 a.m I was asked by a petrol attendant just 15 minutes ago to help his young brother out. I have never stopped anyone from telling their story, and if it takes my disinterest in your bars to stop you then this sh*t ain’t for you anyway.”

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