Bucie reveals difficulties during pregnancy

Artist Bucie has been keeping a low profile after getting hitched and giving birth to her second child. Presently the doting mother is sharing how difficult the two pregnancies were.

Speaking on Fresh Breakfast on Metro FM, the 31-year-old opened up about motherhood and how much she values her children after having experienced complications while expecting them.

“I am pro-breastfeeding but unfortunately I never got to breastfeed either of my kids,” she revealed.

“There were complications when I had my firstborn son, who I had when I was 18, so I couldn’t. I had my second one, uAphiwe, at six-and-a-half months – he was premature,” Bucie said.

As per reports, the artist is expecting her third tyke and in spite of the fact that she hasn’t affirmed the news she revealed to DJ Fresh the reason she is excited about being a mother again is on account of she has charming children.

“I have such adorable children so it resembles I need to perceive what the following one will resemble,” a reddening Bucie said.

When asked why she chose the name Aphiwe, the Easy to Love hitmaker explained that Aphiwe was a miracle baby.

“There were complications to the point where doctors thought if they kept him still, ’cause my water broke very early so they tried to buy time to 30 or 31 weeks, and if he stayed in tummy for another day we were both going to die – or one of us wouldn’t make it. So he is a miracle.”

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