Skolopad and Zodwa bury the hatchet?

Skolopad is determined to get fellow dancer Zodwa Wabantu to do a show with her

The performers reportedly have beef with each other, however Skolopad seems to be extending a desire for peace.

“Hi @Zodwa_Wabantu how about we do entertainment(show) for women on woman’s day together?” Skolopad tweeted.

We don’t know whether Zodwa got the message because the Twitter handle she mentioned in her tweet belongs to a fan account.

Zodwa apparently does not have her very own Twitter profile.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Skolopad says she will pay Zodwa for the appearance.

“I know what has been said before but when I thought about me. Me and Zodwa being the headliners of a concert created by women for women would be great. I say this because both of us have a large female following. So when I thought about it I felt like we world shine so much brighter together and we’ll invite other women to come perform too. Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean we are not fighting each other mos, just building,” she told the publication.

In the mean time, Zodwa has at long last responded to Skolopad’s suggestion

She says she is a bit skeptical about working with the artist.

“I’ve said and asked Skolopad numerous times to leave me alone. It’s not beef, it’s just me trying to stay away from a person I feel doesn’t have my interests at heart and has parasite tendencies,” she told TshisaLIVE.

In any case, Zodwa has not ruled out the thought totally. She told the publication she might change her mind if Skolopad and her team came up with a concrete plan.

“I think she just came up with the idea and threw it on social media. Does she have a budget? Does she want to book me? If yes, can she afford me? If she wants both of us to plan it, what is she bringing to the table? I am a really busy woman, like, I’m going to the States next month.”

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