Babalwa Mneno still serving a whole lot of sauce even after all these years.

Babalwa Mneno’s has been in the industry since her attempt to become Miss South Africa in ’96, and one thing that has remained consistent with this celeb, is her ravishing looks as she has aged gracefully throughout the years.

It’s no surprise that the model and businesswoman has been a video vixen in various popular music videos as she looks just like the twenty-one-year-olds who do it today, if not better. It isn’t said whether Babalwa has either found the fountain of youth or simply has good genes, however one thing we can’t argue about is that the 40-year-old is definitely serving provocative today.

The model took to Instagram sharing sexy snaps of herself and we can’t get enough of them, see pictures below:

Babalwa Mneno



Frankly, there is no secret to why Babalwa is looking so darn provocative. A good diet and exercise is what keeps her looking younger.

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