Kgomotso Christopher believes all SA films deserve a chance

Actress Kgomotso Christopher is passionate about supporting the local entertainment industry and trusts that local talent should be supported, regardless of whether its not great.

Kgomotso recently showed up on Trending SA where she opened up about her love for the arts.

And, even though she has a deep love for entertaining people, she said that its not a career path she would easily give her children to folllow.

“Ai no. Kids can choose what they want to do in life but this is where I put my foot down, and its ironic because I am an artist but it is such a treacherous journey and its a very treacherous industry.”

Kgomotso said she would do what her folks did and instill the importance of education in her kids and urge them to obtain another skill that is unique.

When asked as to whether we should watch all South African films whether they’re great or not, Kgomotso didn’t mince her words.

“Absolutely because we watch a lot of crazy, terrible movies from America without judgement so why not do it in South Africa.”

The actress also said that she would love to go back to theater soon, as it is her first love.

Here’s the rest of the interview: (Skip to 45:10)


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