PIC: Nasty C’s mystery woman

This Instagram post has got fans going insane, and guessing.

Nasty C has had a history of keeping his relationship private, especially after he was rumored to be having sex with an underage young lady – the gossip was later rejected.

But, the Bad Hair hitmaker took to Instagram on Thursday evening to post a sexy restroom selfie. In the snap Nasty poses with a mystery lady and he’s grabbing her ass while leaning his head against her thigh.

“#StringsAndBling, drink some water, ding your daughter,” he captioned the snap.

And the post sent fans into a frenzy.

“Nasty is got me going crazy [sic],” one fan posted. With others saying, “Mad mad” and “Nasty bahd boo boo.”

It seems no one’s daughter is safe from Nasty’s “ding”!

Check out the racy post below:

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