Watch: Nyan’Nyan presenter charms Lerato Kganyago

It isn’t surprising why many men would love to be Lerato Kganyago’s man. After all, she is sucessful, beautiful, and is fast becoming one of South Africa’s most adored media personalities.

In any case, a few men have a tendency to be intimidated by strong ladies like Lerato.

However, one who has made his aims clear about the SAFTA winner – is Nyan’ Nyan’s Luyanda Potwana.

Luyanda recently released a video introducing himself with Lerato by reciting his clan names in the expectations of starting a relationship with her and even having her hand marriage.

In any case, we’re not quite sure about the marriage part.

Luyanda mentioned that this is how he will approach Lerato in his interest to court her.

This is what he had to say:

“In the Xhosa culture – you have to respect the lady enough to properly introduce yourself when you “shela” her. This how I’ll be introducing myself to @leratokganyago —— when I “shela” marriage to her (sic)”.

He then went on to recite his clan name.

Lerato was so charmed that she retweeted the video with the caption “still my fave” to which he responded by saying that he plans on becoming Mr Kganyago soon.

Luyanda just scored a 100 points for the entire male species.

People were so excited by the Twitter interaction between Luyanda and Lerato that they now really want a relationship to blossom between the two.

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