BONANG SPARKS PLASTIC SURGERY RUMOURS. There is speculation that the media personality may have gone under the knife for her latest campaign.

Bonang Matheba’s steamy photoshoot for her ‘Distraction’ lingerie range has got the country talking, with many wondering if the star has undergone cosmetic surgery.

Recent reports speculate that Bonang could have had some work done on her breasts. This after it seemingly appeared that her chest looked a little bustier in recent photos than it has in the past.

However, reports also suggests that this could be the result of Bonang’s latest lingerie range, which sports a number of very complimentary bras in its collection.

A quick look at her Instagram page will show you that Bonang is definitely showing off a lot more cleavage than we are used to seeing and even when her breasts are fully covered up, they certainly look to be larger than we are used to seeing.

Entertainers are no strangers to cosmetic treatments, although you’d imagine the normally private Bonang to be the type who prefers to keep her procedures a secret.

Compare the recent picture above to this post from 2017, and the difference is stark:

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