Zodwa Wabantu is not to everyone’s liking.

Zodwa Wabantu is not everyone’s cup of tea, that is without a doubt.

Even when she’s out on the town, flaunting her signature moves, don’t expect that everybody will value it.

Zodwa posted a video of herself out and about when her favourite jam comes on and she gets up on the table to dance. (Obviously, the table is littered with Savanna)

In any case, it’s not her dancing that caught our attention, rather the lady sitting directly behind her that doesn’t seem the least bit impressed.

Zodwa's moves don't impress everyone.

Furthermore, as though the eye-roll isn’t enough, she eventually takes out her phone.

Bored much? Yeah, that lady is.

It must take a great deal to get out your phone to play a game when Zodwa is shaking her booty in your face.

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