Pearl Thusi on Catching Feeling

Pearl Thusi on Catching Feelings. The lives of a formerly-famous writer and his wife are disrupted when a famous and very self-indulgent author comes to stay with them.


In a country where we are bombarded with apartheid stories, it’s always a relief when there are other stories that are told. And that’s not to say that stories about our history are not of the utmost importance, because they are. But it’s always nice to watch something that speaks to another side of us, like Catching Feelings.

Some of you may be thinking that I sound a tad hypocritical. Especially, given the fact that, at the moment, the tide in South African film seems to have shifted towards the telling of romantic comedies. Nonetheless, it still is a relief to shed the political baggage every now and again.

The short and long of Catching Feelings is that it’s a film that’s set in Johannesburg, a city pulsating with contradictions. If focuses on Max, a cynical writer turned English professor and his beautiful wife, whose lives are turned upside down when a celebrated and hedonistic older writer comes into their lives, pushing their relationship to the brink. In the film, Kagiso Lediga takes on the opportunity to be both in front of the camera and behind it. As he mentioned in conversation, this was a challenging but fun exercise for him.

The film fashions itself as a love letter to Johannesburg. It features some beautifully composed shots over Johannesburg and shows her off as I would have pictured her: a woman who is trendy, cool, sophisticated and level-headed, while a little rough around the edges.

Ok guys lets agree or agree to disagree, women can really fake it. We love Pearl Thusis scene where she is acting to be getting some in the lift.

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