[Watch] Nico Matlala and Lebo are back together.

It takes a man to admit his faults and sincerely ask for forgiveness, it takes a giant to repent from their wrongs and make right where they’ve wronged.

I must say I’ve made many mistakes in my love and have tried to atone for my wrongs, in some areas I’ve succeeded and in some ive failed decimally so. Chief amongst my faults that haunt me to this day is how i lost my treasure, i lost treasure in pursuit of waste, i lost a diamond not realising that its precious but rare. I’ve carelessly lost my mind and let pride make me loose the one person that lightens up my life, my life has since gone dark and know not how to make right for how I’ve treated you. I’ve sconed you, I’ve undermined you, I’ve mistreated you in essence I’ve failed to love and respect you. Your departure has left a void so hallow and lonely.

For all that I’ve put you through out of selfishness, naivety, arrogance and pride please find it in your heart to forgive me my queen. Ive traversed miles in pursuit of answers and happiness and the equation has time and again led me back to you.
It has always been impossible to go through mountains until engineering made it possible to carve a route right through a mountain, am prepared to move mountains, am prepared to nagate rough stormy seas just for a chance to have you in my arms again

Our union might have been an awkward one but it has survived and has stood trying times, we held onto each other while under attack, we comforted and consoled each other but in a moment of madness I let go of your hand. I let you slip and allowed vouchers to devour you, I’ve exposed your nakedness to the world and humbly ask you to recall the words of the man of God during our union, challenges will be there, but please give me a chance as i owe you my life. It might seem impossible to start over but its doable, all it needs is for you to give it half a chance. If you could just sit and think of our plans together and what we meant to each other, if you could just find it within you to forgive my childishness and how I’ve treated you. I’ve spent sleepless nights pondering on my love for you, I long to have my wife back. Lebohang Meme Mabe

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