Heavily armed men attacked a cash van in Pretoria on Saturday.

They disappeared with a lot of money after bombing the cash van.

But they were not the only people with a lust for dirty money.

Residents and passersby in the north of Pretoria also rushed to the scene to grab as much cash as they could.

Immediately after the thugs had left the scene, members of the community went to grab a stash of cash left behind by the thugs.

COPS spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela said the attack occurred at around 08:30 near the centre in Akasia, and was carried out by a gang in a minibus, an Audi and another vehicle only identified as a Volkswagen.

The guards were transporting money near the shopping centre when the gang struck.

“They blew the vehicle open and during the incident there was some shooting,” said Makhubela.

A passerby was shot in the leg, and a nearby car was also struck.

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