Nadia Nakai Speaks On The Song That Changed Her Life

Nadia Nakai Speaks On The Song That Changed Her Life! Bragga is undeniably one of the biggest female rappers from South Africa who has been able to break into different markets outside South Africa.

Nadia Nakai has also been commended by some for being one of the most impactful female rap pioneers. The rappers blow up was not that long ago as it came in fully after she had dropped her hit single back in 2016 called Money Back. Nadia recently spoke on Absolute Hip Hop about how the track changed her life.

“My life really did change with Money Back. It really like blew up for me, even when I perform it today It’s one of the songs that I get the biggest reaction from. Money Back, Bragga and obviously Naa Mean takes the cake, but the fact that I was able to still gig, and make money, get into a house, pay my bills and help my Mom when I can,” said Nadia.

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