Speedsta Apologizes For His Twitter Rant On Shane & Frank

Speedsta Apologizes For His Twitter Rant On Shane & Frank! A little over a week ago we saw DJ Speedsta go on a rant on Twitter expressing how hurt he was because Shane Eagle and Frank Cassino did not give him verses for his upcoming album.

DJ Speedsta did not leave the tweets up for long as he faced a rather immense and brutal backlash from the Twitter peeps who weren’t having it. The backlash came after one of Speedsta’s old stylists went on twitter to call the presenter to order by reminding him of the time he did the same to her.

Popular stylist calls DJ Speedsta to order

“I deleted my tweets yesterday because I didn’t know it would cause such a frenzy, I was just speaking my mind. There are ways to do these things though so I’d like to formally apologize to   This ain’t no stunt!,” tweeted Speedsta after the saga had unveiled.


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