AKA says he respects Cass… but not so much as a musician

If L-Tido had a magic lamp, we’re sure he would ask for a collab between AKA and his rival Cassper Nyovest, but AKA says that day may never happen.

There have been fresh calls for the pair to put the beef back in the fridge, but the Super Mega told TshisaLIVE that as much as he admires Cass’s business mind, he’s not sold on his music skills.

“I don’t think about Cassper. I respect him as a businessman. I respect him as an entrepreneur but I don’t know if I respect him as a musician.”

He said the pair would “never” collaborate, but then laughed it off as just a joke.

But what does he think Cassper, or anyone else for that matter, thinks of him?

“I don’t think about what people think of me,” he said.

Cassper also responded to the calls last week, telling L-Tido that being friends with AKA was “never gonna happen”.


While the game has come a long way from #TeamAKA vs #TeamCassper, it has recently been accused of lacking unity. AKA says that for his part, he is open to working with anyone who is keen and vibes with him.

“Especially in the last year I have definitely tried to open up myself more to as many young, new people as possible. I believe that I am more approachable than I have ever been. I am ready to work with anybody. I have a big family in this industry, people who have done me favours and helped me get to where I am and I’ve always got time for them.”

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