From ‘Cassper subs’ to juicy files: 12 fire quotes from AKA’s #TouchMyBlood

AKA finally dropped his latest album Touch My Blood on Friday and left the internet in a mess. So, trust that besides the World Cup, it is all that people are going to talk about this weekend.

If you scared of getting left behind because the data and money game is too low for you to give it a listen, we got your back.

Here’s just 12 bars that AKA dropped which are gonna leave the game in tatters and your talking game on point

A sub to Cassper?

The feud continues…

If I was a president like Nelson. I’ll walk around saying, ‘y’all welcome’. Supa Mega long time no album, how you handle that beef? Well done – Amen

In the club trying to make peace, crystal for my enemies. 2018, that’s a lame beat when your focusing all your energy on the basics. – Fully In . Remember this is the track that some fans are convinced he bit from Cassper’s Turn Up Gang.

I’m just trying to be honest, n*gga’s in the game treat me like I’m a target. Go ahead put the blame on me, I’m the same old G, I just made more cheese– Magriza

Don’t hate, congratulate!

What’s a rap without a little flexing?

It’s either you cava or you don’t get it… Tell me do you hate me because I’m God’s cheddar  Zone

Am I the only rapper who has the balls to say ‘I don’t really give a f*ck about awards’…You Stevie Wonder when it comes to the saga– Magriza

I just wanna vibe with the young ones. I don’t wanna die in a Quantam- Amen

Behind Bars like Brickado  Zone

Getting a little political?

I don’t believe in promises…Celebrate my people and how far we’ve come…FW De Klerk no ways- Mame

The X- files

When AKA said this was his most honest album yet, he wasn’t playing. The songs have a number of intimate moments where the Mega goes in raw about his emotions.

We ain’t suppose to be on magazines. None of this shi*t was normal. Started checking out for overseas. Pretty queen but all you. N*ggas gonna be n*ggas, b*tches won’t be loyal – Fully In

Every single situation that we face feels like Déjà vu. My n*gger don’t ever ever love a woman more than she loves you. All my n*ggers telling me that life goes on. Tell me what is the reason that I am so far gone? F*ck your social media encyclopedia- Daddy Issues II

Waited two years just to see you with your weave off… What that say about your character, you was f**king me while I was paying damages – Beyonce.

Everyone’s got their armour on, that’s Joburg. The last b**ch brought bodyguards just in case we bumped into the baby mama buying groceries. Squad checking for the other ma when you pour a glass and you toasting. Is that not some h*e shit? – Daddy Issues II

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