Nicole Nyaba Confirms She Was Dating AKA But Split Because Of DJ Zinhle

Nicole Nyaba Confirms She Was Dating AKA But Split Because Of DJ Zinhle! Nicole Nyaba has been said to be at the centre of the whole AKA-Bonang-Zinhle love saga and she is setting the records straight on what was, what never was and what currently is.


The video vixen and socialite is on the cover of DRUM Magazine spilling all of the tea on rapper AKA and how Zinhle is involved.

Nicole confirmed to have started dating AKA a few months ago putting to rest the rumors about her being the reson why the rapper and Bonang broke up.Nicole not only confirmed that they were in love but that they were living together at AKA’s place.

“Kiernan is a nice guy. He is sweet. He opens doors for you, asks if you’re hungry and tells you how beautiful you are when you wake up in the morning. He was an amazing boyfriend. He was constantly making me fall in love with him,” she told the magazine.

Nicole claims that all was well in live until the Durban July weekend when they had a fight and things took a downward turn. She went on to claim that Zinhle and AKA are back together and believes it’s the reason for her split from AKA.

“I asked him if he was with Zinhle and he admitted it,” she told the DRUM. When asked for a comment, AKA told the magazine that he did not understand why Nicole was “going on about this thing”.

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