Nasty C Says Eminem, Nas & J Cole’s Albums Aren’t Better Than His

Nasty C Says Eminem, Nas & J Cole’s Albums Aren’t Better Than His! It is without a doubt that Nasty C’s recent album is one of the best Hip Hop album to come out of South Africa with a rather wide appeal.

Ever since Nasty C came out his star has been growing from strength to strength, his album Strings And Bling generally did ohk.

Nasty C recently sparked and argument with fans about the best Hip Hop albums on a global scale were he puts his Strings And Bling up against the heavyweights of the industry. The rapper said that he feels his album is better than that of Eminem, J Cole and Nas which had a lot of fans disagreeing.

“Only scorpion competes. I’m a fan of Em, Cole and Nas. But their albums aren’t better than mine. Put status aside.” Check out Nasty C’s comment in an instagram post below


Fans knowing how strong Eminem is they started weighing in on Nasty C calling him out. There were obviously fans who agreed with Nasty C encouraging him to believe in himself and think of himself as high as the other big international artists.

Other artists were just saying he is crazy to compare himself to these heavy weights. Here are some of the fans comments.

“He should start of by being better than Areece than KO or YoungstaCPT and then Zoocci coke dope and maybe he can go abroad” Thabang Maimela Commented

:Why doesn’t he just stay in his lane does it really have to go that way do we have to wait another ten years before he is able to release again hopefully 🙅” Stanley Will

“I’ve listened 2 a whole lotta albums this season n Nasty C is prolly ryt imo ofcause ….only Daytona ‘n Ye are better” Siyabonga Commented

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