“I will not regret if my rap career fails” Boity Said

“I will not regret if my rap career fails” Boity Said

Sine Boity stepped in the Hip Hop scene had has been getting mixed responses, some ridiculing her and others backing her up. Some are saying she is not a rapper she is just using her fame.

Speaking to Tshisalive Boity pointed out that the people who say that do not know her personally, if you know her personally you will know that she has always been rapping. She said the same on Slikour on life.

“Maybe the universe has been waiting and it says. ‘Here, were giving you an opportunity’. I would kill myself if I ddint take it and use it,” Boity said

She further on said “Maybe it’s a path that God wants me to be on. I did it because the opportunity is there, there’s a team and a whole Nasty C backing me. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t do it. Even if it fails, I really would be very angry at myself if I didn’t even wait to see whether it would fail or go well”

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