Nasty C says he only steals Memes and Girlfriend

Nasty C says he only steals Memes and Girlfriend.  Fans accuse Naty C of stealing Sound cloud idea. It has been a while since Nasty C has been talking about giving back by helping up and coming artists and he began his journey by opening his owl record label.


After the rapper started his label, Nasty C then went on to open a soundcloud account ehich is intended to give a chance to up and coming artists to gain exposure and clout. The rapper said that he will post the upcoming artists songs on the page and helt them gain fans.

A couple of fans then went on and dragged Nasty C as they had seen a similar idea on twitter.



The rapper addressed the issue denying the claims that he stole the idea  and that he might not even be the only one who might have thought of this idea. The rapper then went on to say that he does not steal anything but memes and guys girlfriends.

The rapper generally got different responses some on his side and some against him


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