Fan Inks himself with Riky Rick’s Face

Fan Inks himself with Riky Rick’s Face. It has become something common that when an artist achieves a certain level of success they are seen as inspiration by their fans.

Fans go out of their way to do things for their idols and here is one who just permanelty tattooed himself in the arm with the face of king kotini Riky Rick Makhado. The fan posted a twitter his new Tattoo of Riky Rick’s face on his arm.

This caught Riky Rick’s attention who was stunned to see a fan tattoo themself with his face.

“I wasnt prepared for this, iTattoo yonke!!!! I love my fans #ICantBelieceIt” Ricky Responded to the tweet


and then came the comments

“Mhmm nice… But if my boyfriend could do this, I’d dump him…”

“Bruh… Indoda kabani veke lena. Nixakile yazi”

“So after all that all he gets is a tweet from him”

“If it was a girl bengizothi the dick was too good. . .manje I don’t understand”

“True fan you should follow him”

“Akanaye noma umzali lomuntu!”

“Makhado that’s deep,my G. We expecting a song.”

Ai…we aint see its Riky without the pic e.g  That doesn’t look like Ricky…sorry…

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