Fans are convinced that DJ Sbu is in fact the artist behind the ‘Mzekezeke’ mask after the Kwaito star’s sudden reappearance.

On Monday, 10 September 2018 radio personality and entrepreneur, DJ Sbu took to social media to announce the return of elusive Kwaito musician Mzekezeke. Fans have speculated for years over the true identity of the artist, with many persistent that the masked figure is in fact DJ Sbu himself.

DJ Sbu tweeted about Mzekezeke’s return to the stage on Monday morning. He wrote, “#BREAKINGNEWS Looks like @mzekezekets is back 🤣. KWAITO music might just be back! 21 shows booked for this festive. No hit song. No new music. No tv show. Just the love. It’s amazing the power of a brand built 17 years ago still resonates with South Africans to this day NAMANJE. I saw him rock a sold out @joburgtheatre last week with a 20 year old DJ @lindash_97. Last night I saw him shutdown a 50k @royalheritagefestival crowd in Venda as a surprise ACT. The love was real 🏿🇿🇦 #AYEYESUMMER2018!!! #RIPBrownDash.”

Sbu has since posted a series of clips of Mzekezeke in performance, including one in which Sbu can apparently be seen DJ’ing in the background, while the Kwaito artist performs on stage. Nevertheless, scores of fans are adamant that Sbu is in fact Mzekezeke. Some have gone so far as to suggest that the artist performing on stage is an impersonator of the ‘real’ Mzekezeke.

Regardless of these fan theories, DJ Sbu has issued countless statements online, claiming that he is not and never has been Mzekezeke. He wrote in reply to one followers’ comment, “I’m NOT @MzekezekeTS never been and never will be.”

Mzekezeke made a brief return to the music scene back in 2016 after a long hiatus. He has been named as the official ambassador of DJ Sbu’s energy drink brand, Mofaya.

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