WATCH Nasty C Confirms That A-Reece is on for #IvyTour

WATCH Nasty C Confirms That A-Reece is on for #IvyTour.

It has become known in the hiphop community that Areece and Nasty C did not see eye to eye. The two lyricists get compared a lot. At some point Nasty C has mentioned that he will never do a song with Areece, when A Reece was asked the same question he said it will go wherever God wants it to go.

Now seeing that Nasty C has called A Reece to his tour #IvyTour it shows that the beef has been squashed, and eventually we might get a song from the two rappers.

A Reece has previously mentioned in an interview with Pearl Thusi that he never personally had beef with Nasty, the beef was actually planned by the label when he was still at ambitious entertainment. A Reece mentioned that the label pinned him against Nasty C since Nasty was the best lyricist in his pears.

Nasty C posted the video above on his social media platforms promoting his music which will be dropping soon, while at it he mensioned that A Reece will also be on tour with him. Nasty previously posted that someone must tell A Reece to respond his DM, he want him on tour, and in this video he tells the fans that A Reece has accepted and will be joining him on the #IvysonTour.

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