Shashl debuts new single ‘Blow It In the Wind’

Multi-talented, trendsetting, Shashl has released a brand new single titled ‘Blow It In the Wind’ with Universal Music Group Africa.

The single is written by Shashl and produced by Playground Productions duo Glo and Kyle Brown credited with production on YUNG SWIZZ.

“In this song I speak of a relationship where I’m treated unfairly and reduced to nothing and I finally decide to leave and blow that relationship in the wind, the song touches on respect – if the respect isn’t there then let that drama go, the song is very personal to me and I hope people can to it as much as I do” – Shashl on the song.

The songstress is a passionate recording and performing female artist from Harare, Zimbabwe whose great love and understanding for music has set her on a path of greatness.

A music writer/vocalist, Shashl is gifted with rare ingenuity of playing 10 music instruments, backed by the ability to fluently conversate in many languages.

One can smell a touch of excellence in her musical arrangement and poetic genius in the depth of her compositions. Clearly, this is not something anyone can be taught, but rather an inborn natural gift which is distinct. Her music style and genre encompasses many other genres and sub genres, with RnB and soul being the overriding elements in her music, while a touch of dance and African fusion can be identified in parts of her music.

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