[PICS] All the drama to expect on Uzalo’s love triangle wedding

Uzalo wedding

If you’ve been missing out on Uzalo here’s the lowdown on what has been happening lately. Nkunzi has been heading up a love triangle between him, MaNgcobo and MaMlambo.


Dawn Thandeka King/MaNgcobo, gun in hand

It’s a war of the brides, and Nkunzi is the prize! Actor Dawn Thandeka King, who portrays villain MaNgcobo, prepares for a heated confrontation at the altar.  SABC1 TV drama Uzalo is set to air a 2-episode wedding spectacular where a scandalous love triangle comes to a dramatic head.

Wedding 2

Mamlambo looking gorgeous in her bridal gown

MaMlambo, played by Gugu Gumede, makes a breathtaking bride as she readies herself for her wedding to Nkunzi.

Wedding 3

A radiant MaMlambo, dances as she celebrates her union to Nkunzi.

Bridal couple Nkunzi and MaMlambo laughing  as they prepare to spend the rest of their lives together

wedding 4

Nkunzi and his bride MaMlambo, respectively,  share an intimate moment at the altar.

Nkunzi (jumping)  & MaMlambo, traditional wedding 

Uzalo wedding

Nkunzi & Mamlambo – smiling, traditional wedding

A jubilant Nkunzi, celebrates his union with MaMlambo.

Wedding 6

MaMlambo and MaNgcobo – Hostile rivalry 

Clash of the brides! A publicity still of actresses MaMlambo, and MaNgcobo – the onetime friends are now rivals for Nkunzi’s affections.  Who will be the victor?

wedding 10

Main Image credit: Supplied

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