AKA talks 6 ways of ‘paying for success’ in the industry

AKA joked that he's been paying for his songs to be number one.

AKA joked that he’s been paying for his songs to be number one. 
Image: Instagram/ Blaq_smith

Put aside your conspiracy theories, Supa Mega haters. The boss man himself has jokingly “confessed” to several dirty tricks to buy success in the industry.

AKA has BEEN accused by haters of payola and faking his success and after his fans started a whole trend sarcastically “confessing” to being paid for supporting him, the Mega jumped on the bandwagon with his own suggestions.

From paying R1.5-million to fans to stream his music, to elaborate stage setups that make the front row think it is the whole of the crowd – AKA came up with some pretty big “confessions”.

In the end all he could do was tell fans: “I’m sorry!!! I’m so sorry!!! It’s all a facade! You can still fake enjoy it”.

Here are six ways AKA sarcastically admitted to “cheating the system”:

Paying fans to stream his music

Imagine paying R1.5-million in data bundles!




A special app to send song requests to radio

Can you download it in the app store?


Paying to perform at venue

So that’s where the promoters make their money…


Rent a crowd and special mics

Chants of “we want more” are actually a call for more money.


His plugs chase DJs with sjamboks if they don’t play his music

He’s got the whole SADC neighbourhood on lock.



His music has got subliminals in it

Be honest, when last were you so obsessed that you played his tracks backwards.


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