Celebs flexing for the gym and the Gram

According to Oprah and other learned individuals and life gurus, vision boards are a great way to visualise and focus on one’s goals. If you constantly see it, your mind will start believing it, and so to help us (And probably you too, be honest) get it together for the Insta snaps, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite Zaleb beauties rocking work out gear, looking pumped and ready to hit the gym and/or the club.

Because biker shorts are an aesthetic thing now and we reserved the right to wear sweats and takkies in the streets for swag purposes a few years ago, we can’t say for sure whether they actually went to the gym in these outfits, but we CAN be sure that whether you dress for the gym or actually GO to the gym, looking good is always the end goal.

Nadia Nakai, engaging in everyone’s favourite exercise: 

Boity, of course:

That view, Rouge! The sky looks cute too:

Minnie Dlamini flexing in every way possible:

Leratolicious handling the streets and the office in one fell swoop:

Gail Mabalane in her outdoor office as well:

A fave, Pharoahfi:

Kim Jayde’s summed up our whole vibe:

Main Image credit: Instagram/@NadiaNakai

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