Ralani raising the Kimberley flag high

Amethyst Bradley “Surprise” Ralani wants to demonstrate that there is more to Kimberley than its big hole – there’s football talent as well.

The Cape Town City attacker has had an unusual football journey which started with him being discovered through a chance encounter.

While playing football in a local tournament at home, scouts from Sweden were in the area for a grassroots development project. He then bypassed playing in the PSL and went directly to Europe to join Swedish side Helsingborg in 2009.

“I was very fortunate to go from just being a kid in Kimberley to playing in Sweden,” Ralani said.

“There are not many people who make it out in my hometown and go overseas. I enjoyed my six years abroad.”

Being from the small town where the majority of townships volks speak Afrikaans and Setswana has helped Ralani fit in well at City since his arrival last year.

“At home we speak Afrikaans as our first language but I also know Setswana and have also learned Zulu so I can communicate with all my teammates. City have many coloured players.”

Having been raised by a single mother, the 30-year-old is raising his 10-year-old son Mielkie to be a responsible man. “I do my best to take care of my family and be an example to my son to be a good boy. I also take care of my younger sister and brother.”

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