Busiswa strips down for a lingerie photo shoot.

While times have changed, we’re thankful for the more open-minded society and the great wave of being body positive that continues to grow.
Looking at the campaigns surrounding body positivity being represented by a diverse population, all we can do is continue the conversation and show appreciation.

Following the Marie Claire naked issue published August 2018 that had celebrities using nudity to campaign for a good cause by writing a letter to their bodies and flaws, Ackermans has introduced a new campaign to create a movement of women who are proud to show their true selves and embrace their imperfections.

Similarly to the naked issue, the #IAmMe campaign by Ackermans features some of our favourite celebrities by the likes of Busiswa, Rami Chuene, Kim Jayde, Minki van der Westhuizen and Pearl Modiadie pose in their well-fitted lingerie, expressing how they’ve learnt to embrace their flaws.

Check out some of the letters they’ve written publicly to themselves:

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