Winter For Who? Cassper Continues To Flaunt His Body

While most people are layered up in jackets or two on this winter season Cassper Nyovest is busy showing off his hot abs and following up to his promise of giving ladies thirst trap.

Cassper promised on the previous image that it would be his last where he paraded his sexiness but now he just dropped some heat and people can’t deal. Social media trolls came at him by editing his half nude photo by photoshopping him dressed and captioned fixing the country. The rapper hit back at that and

“Lol… You always on my case huh? This hella funny & I’m sure you wish you could actually edit my life in real life huh? Unfortunately, it doesnt work like that. On the left is my real life, on the right is what you wish my reality was. Keep making memes while we making moves,” he wrote.




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