After Leaving Family Tree to be Independent Tshego Reveals He needs new Management

Tshego Reveals Why He Is In Desperate Need Of New ‘Management’. After serving years as an independent artist solely responsible for the advancement of his career, Tshego reveals how he is ready for people to manage him.

From 2015 to 2017 Tshego was signed under Cassper’s label Family Tree. He remained there fof a while with his career at a standstill. In a while he decided to depart and be entirely solo. He expressed going through depression when he took a break in music, but his come back did wonders for him.

After releasing his highly anticipated album Pink Panther, the new father reached a milestone of going Gold with the record No Ties. In fact, his career has been blossoming to a point where one could assume he has a team of managers working for him.

On a recent tweet Tshego revealed that he is tired and needs people to work with. He may have disclosed his plans to move to Antlanta, USA where he was born but before that he seems hellbent on putting on an SA team on his space of business.

“2019 I proved my point. 2020 I need MANAGEMENT so I can bloody relax and focus on just the music,” he wrote.

He specified how many people’s work he has to do daily and it has been utterly draining.

“At the very minimum I’m at least 3 different people at the same time everyday. Its enough now,” he added.

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