Everything you need to know about government housing

This article is regularly updated. Please alert us to inaccuracies or omissions. Ground-Up is not the government and we are not responsible for what government does. Many people have been on waiting lists for decades, and we frequently receive allegations of corruption in the allocation of houses. While this information sheet will not make the housing process more efficient and fair, we hope that it will make you aware of what the policies are so you can exercise your rights.

The government houses people using the following projects:

  1. Government subsidy housing
  2. Community Residential Units
  3. Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme
  4. Emergency Housing Programme
  5. Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme.
  6. Social Housing

To apply for any of these, you have to register with your municipality or provincial Department of Human Settlements. You will need to be over 18, and either a South African citizen with an identity book or card, or a foreign resident with a permanent residency permit. Different housing projects are designed for different incomes and so you may also have to provide proof of your monthly income.

Government housing assistance contact details

  1. Housing Enquiries Hotline: 0800 146 873
  2. Gauteng: 011 355 4000
  3. Western Cape: 079 769 1207 (Please Call Me)
  4. Eastern Cape: 043 711 9901/2/3
  5. KwaZulu Natal: 033 392 6400 or 033 3365300
  6. North West: 018 388 5403
  7. Limpopo: 015 284 5000
  8. Northern Cape: 053 830 9422
  9. Free State: 051 405 3883
  10. Mpumalanga: 013 766 6087
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  1. Hi! im unemployed 37yrs old staying in Durban,i will like to know how can i apply for Rdp house because nobody is tellinh me where to go,i will just hear that people have already occupied the Rdp houses but you will never here when is the time to apply.i did apply once 11yrs ago we were promise thst we will get flats in Cornubia.they build those flats but i just heard thst people hsve moved in already.and most people who are getting those Rdp houses they dont need them they just want to rent them out.im talking from experience because my two sisters they are renting those Rdpflats while their owners staying somewhere else.

  2. My mom registered a house since 1997 even now she’s a pentioner no house is available for her,where should we go,I’m even struggling to take my own younger sister to University plz help

  3. Hi my name is Avuyile
    My surname is salela I stay in cape town from Khayelitsha in ndlovini i need house I live with my mom,my auntie and my little sister she has three years old and I am 15 years old am doing grade 8

  4. Hi I’m mbali i really need the house, not to sell it or renting it but need to stay on the house coz if u can check our south African people they are in business with these RDP houses while us we need it seriously and desperately help

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