Real Or Stunt? Duncan’s Marriage Proposal Get Rejected Publicly Before Releasing New Single ‘Sthandwa Sam Sakudala’

When it comes to musicians who are strategic when it comes to their work it’s not easy to conclude that when something is real or not.

The latest scandal (believed to have been stunt) to dominate the day include KZN rapper Duncan getting his marriage proposal rejected live.

A video surfaced showing the Sikelela rapper going down on his knees to ask for “ his girl’s” hand in marriage. The way she rejected him made it seem both staged and real, which is why at this point only Duncan clarify what was what.

The new single he may be pushing under his new partnership with Afrotainment is titled Sthandwa Sam Sakudala. Featured for his mesmerizing vocals on the record is Thee Legacy. The two artists dropped the single today on the 14th as means of celebrating the love and romance the day comes with.

WATCH Duncan getting rejected!

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