41 Celebrity Houses That Look More Like Luxury Hotels

Celebrities are known for having credit cards with no limits, countless cars, and fashionable wardrobes. They go on exotic getaways and treat themselves to larger-than-life activities.

However, purchasing a house is another reflection of wealth. These singers, actors, models, and athletes went above and beyond to select fancy estates to call home. Here are some of the most lavish celebrity homes you’ll ever see!

Don’t confuse them for luxurious hotels, this is where they live regularly; that is if they don’t have a second home or vacation house! Keep reading to see where your favorite celebrities sleep at night.


1. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s House

It took three years for their 22,000 square-foot home to be built and it is reportedly worth at least $20 million. The large property features a swimming pool that’s 82 feet long, a castle-like play area for their children, and a moat that runs in front of the house, complete with a bridge that goes over it. The interior is fabulously furnished in marble and onyx, neither of which are cheap.

2. Ellen Degeneres’ Montecito Mansion

With 10,500 square feet inside, Ellen will have a lot of room to dance! Set in Montecito, she purchased it with an expensive tag of $27 million. The structure is complete with stone, a pool, and tennis courts that any health nut would enjoy. It has a great view of the mountains and the ocean, the perfect background for a relaxing evening on the porch.

3. Britney Spears’ Home in Thousand Oaks

The pop star princess owns an Italian-style home that encompasses 13,000 square feet, which is perfect for raising her two teenaged boys. It has a villa including a media and gaming room, a tennis court, gardens, a golf course, and swimming pools. It’s worth an estimated $9 million, which isn’t anything to balk at.

4. Lionel Richie’s Beverly Hills Home

This singer’s home consists of 28 rooms covering 17,000 square feet. Worth a cool $11 million, it has a very classic look that was good enough to be the venue for his own daughter’s wedding. The inside is laden with 18th-Century furniture, marble, high-ceiling columns, and embroidered wall hangings. The best way to describe it would be Italian interior design.


5. Ralph Lauren’s Fashionable Home

This quaint home looks like a fabulous inn, tucked away in the recesses of nature, apart from the rest of society. The famous designer’s house has 17,000 square feet and is surrounded by 250 acres of rolling lawns. Its interiors are filled with deep colors, Persian carpets, and mahogany paneling.

6. Marc Anthony’s Dominican Republic Home

You would think this was an array of villas in the Caribbean, but the sultry singer and his wife actually live here. The guest villas are perfect for when they have company, and the sand-bottom pool affords everyone a swim, whether at night or during the day. The villas are constructed from cement with cane-thatched rooves, a practiced method in the Caribbean that keeps out the rain. The main house is a shy 10,000 square feet, but the entire compound can host up to 24 people.

7. Eddie Murphy’s Home in Hollywood Hills

Worth a large sum of $85 million, this sprawling is definitely more than one person could bargain for. It covers 16 acres; the home comes with horse stables, swimming pools, and tennis courts that add up in value over time, which is no laughing matter. The tall palms give it a resort-type feel as well making it perfect for sitting back and relaxing.

8. Bruce Willis’ New York Mansion

Tucked away in the sanctuary of the woods, Bruce Willis’ $9-million mansion is located in Bedford, New York. It has the classic “sprawling cabin” feel of only 8,400 square feet. Inside as five large bedrooms and an impressive wine cellar that can hold up to 1,500 bottles of whatever this celebrity’s favorite drink is. There is certainly enough space for this actor’s friends and family to come over and hang out, if he wants them to of course.

9. Alex Rodriguez’s House in Coral Gables

Also known as A-Rod, this famous baseball player wanted a home where he could get away from the world and have a quiet place to spend time with his daughters. It took a year to build this 11,000 square-foot home, where Rodriguez wanted a single floor to make it easier to connect the interior with the outdoors.

10. Rihanna’s $22-Million Home in Barbados

A native of Barbados, Rihanna decided to plant her roots here with this beautiful home that would make anyone jealous. Bearing the address “One Sandy Lane,” this five-bedroom home has pools, a golf course, tennis courts, docks for boats, a gym, and access to the beach. Who wouldn’t want to spend their hours here, soaking in the sun with a margarita in their hand? Especially with the ultimate bad girl Riri.


11. Dwayne Johnson’s Florida Home

If you’ve followed The Rock on any of his social media sites, you’ve likely seen parts of this house in the background. This sprawling home is worth at least $3 million. Of course, it’s equipped with a professional gym that he uses regularly, as well as a pool, a Jacuzzi, and a sizeable private theater where the star may or may not partake of his own movies. It has everything the wrestler-turned-actor (but always family man) could want!

12. Lady Gaga’s Home in Hollywood Hills

This singer’s home actually used to belong to Frank Zappa! The home features 7,000 square feet of luxurious living space. There are also two guests houses on the property, a greenhouse, a recording studio, a tennis court, and a pool. Beyond that, the interior is definitely an intimate affair as well. While it is not as huge as others on the list, Gaga’s home does have enough space to spread out her awards.

13. Michael Jordan’s Home

You’ll have a hard time driving by this home and not recognizing it, with the famous “23” on the front gate. There are plenty of outdoor facilities for those who are enthusiastic exercise-goers, including an indoor basketball court. Of course one of the greatest NBA players of all time would have a place to shoot hoop! There are also peaceful ponds, a pool, nine bedrooms inside, and an extensive wine cellar to keep guests happy.

14. Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Home

Glass-covered walls, rich brown woods, and dim interior lighting practically make this place glow. The favorite Friends actress exercised careful selection of materials when her home was being built, using wood from fallen trees instead of having live ones cut down. The roof is also covered in solar panels to keep the $21-million home powered.


15. Miley Cyrus’ Tennessee Mansion

Worth $5.8 million, this home sits on 33 acres, which includes a pool and a golf course. The exterior has a very Southern feel, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms that she can share with her guests or her family. The 6,869 square feet interior also includes hardwood floors and a stonework fireplace.

16. Halle Berry’s Home in Malibu

This beach-front property is to die for. At $8 million, it’s practically a steal. The Academy Award-winning actress has been in the home for a long time too, almost 13 years. A feat, considering how often celebrities purchase homes. With 5,000 square feet to work with and a spa, it’s no wonder she doesn’t want to leave, especially with that glorious view of the ocean she must have.


17. Jermon Bushrod’s $1.8-Million Home

One would think that a celebrity footballer would splurge on something fancy, but Bushrod’s home looks quite humble on the outside. On the inside, however, there are 8,000 square feet to work with, and he wasted no time decking the place out. It’s equipped with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a tiki bar, a pool, jacuzzi, and a loft with a balcony — the perfect place to relax after a long day of working out.

18. Matt Damon’s Mansion

Though the Jason Bourne actor purchased the mansion for $15 million, it’s now worth a reported $20 million. It has 9,000 square feet which include a private screening room, a central atrium, a large kitchen, and plenty of connected patios to blend the indoors with the outdoors. The exterior offers peaceful surroundings, and you can take a dip in the pool or wander past the koi pond.


19. Scarlett Johansson’s Home in New York

The Ivy House is located in Rockland County, overlooking a beautiful lake. It lives up to the name too, as almost every wall of the exterior is covered in beautiful green vines. It has a humble 4,000 square feet on the inside and sits on 0.7 acres. Small and cozy, there’s a pool to swim in and lots of enchanting forestry paths you can lose yourself along in deep thought.

20. George Clooney and Amal Clooney’s Home in Oxford, England

This large home with pool is worth at least £10 million, though that price may go up in the future. The married couple put a lot of money into the renovations, which no doubt kept the neighbors up at all odd hours. A home cinema has been installed, and the 60-foot pool has its own pool house. However, one of the best places on the property is their back patio and with a view of the River Thames.


21. Anna Faris’ and Chris Pratt’s Home

Both Anna Faris and Chris Pratt once owned the $2.5-million home and only has roughly 2,500 square feet inside. There’s a lovely fireplace, an entire ceiling-to-floor glass wall that overlooks the pool, and dark granite countertops in the kitchen. The property has just three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and there’s even a bocce ball court outside which is a great way to wind down the evening. However, both have since moved on in their relationship and real estate.

22. Chris Evan’s Home in Los Angeles

This ranch residence has 4.5 bathrooms and three bedrooms, providing the actor with an intimate affair he can relax in when he’s not filming. It also has a one bedroom, one bathroom attached apartment that he can use for guests or family. The vaulted ceilings provide a lot of breathing room for the Captain America actor; the kitchen is decked out in the latest technology, and there’s a massive snack bar in the middle of it to satisfy his cravings in the middle of the night.

23. Sylvester Stallone’s Mansion

The 5,173-square-foot home boasts a value of $5 million. It has four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and have a beautiful pool outside where everyone loves to swim and lounge. The interior is decked out in all the rules of feng shui, with shelves lined in crystals to promote good energy in the home. These interior walls even sport some of the famous actor’s paintings he did himself.

24. John Travolta’s Airport Home

This Grease and Hair Spray actor is also a licensed pilot, so it’s not uncommon that he would have his own runway for his planes. So you know that means he has many acres on his property to accommodate them. The actor’s home itself is actually pretty modest, but because of the runway, it’s worth over $10 million.

25. Jennifer Lopez’s Bel Air Mansion

J. Lo’s 14,000-square-foot mansion flaunts seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It was built and designed by Samuel Marx, constructed out of mostly wood and stone. It has ten fireplaces inside, so there’s plenty of opportunities to get warm. There’s also a screening room for 30 people, two guesthouses on the property, a terrace with an infinity pool, a downstairs pub, and an organic vegetable garden. Not bad for Jenny from the block.

26. Mel Gibson’s Home in Costa Rica

The Red Home is located in Costa Rica; naturally, it is just one of Mel Gibson’s many properties. This gorgeous estate features two miles of pristine beachfront property, consists of three houses, and has hundreds of acres of the jungle featuring exotic wildlife. The main building has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms; it is made of coral stone, which gives the place a unique color.

27. Gwen Stefani’s Mansion in Hollywood Hills

She’s just a girl, but Stefani isn’t afraid to show off with this home. Worth $35 million, this 12,000-square-foot home used to be owned by none other than Jennifer Lopez. It has six bedrooms, five fireplaces constructed out of marble and granite. The property also has a 1-bedroom guest house, and a large infinity pool you can lounge by for the entire day. Other outdoor facilities for the singer include a chicken coop, lighted tennis court, and a playground.

28. Celine Dion’s Jupiter, Florida Estate

Another celebrity home on Jupiter Island belongs to singer Celine Dion. It sits on 5.7 acres and has 10,000 square feet of open space in the main house. The Canadian-native enjoys the large swimming pool, lazy river, and water slides, which sit in the middle of several buildings. The exterior also includes a tennis house, a golf range, a pool house with a built-in kitchen, and a beach house with a massage room.

29. Dr. Dre’s Mansion in California

This five-bedroom home was initially built by model Giselle Bundchen and her NFL superstar husband Tom Brady but was ultimately sold to Dr. Dre. The estate is valued at $50 million; it comes with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and an outdoor bathtub if you’re interested in getting closer to nature. The master bathroom is absolutely breathtaking, and you could lose yourself in the home gym if you’ve recently made the resolution to get in shape.

30. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Malibu Home

You thought the other properties in this list were prominent; you haven’t seen anything yet. On 150 acres, this home boasts 25,000 square feet of space. The custom home was made for the married actors, and you can rest assured that their adult children are taking over more of the area too. It has nine bedrooms, a recording studio, a meditation room, secret nooks, a basketball court, a lake with a gazebo, a tennis court, and three golf holes. That’s a lot of landscaping to take care of for the Fresh Prince!

31. Cindy Crawford’s Malibu Compound

Cindy Crawford’s $50-million home is located on three acres of land overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The model’s home has four bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, sliding glass doors, a wraparound deck complete with a fire pit, and a pool. If you want to get away, you can always take the private path down to the beach and lose yourself in the waves.

32. Howard Stern’s Palm Beach Mansion

Sitting on just 2.3 acres, this radio personality’s home is 18,673 square feet, which is about ten times bigger than an average house. It has been renovated several times, but the 12 bedrooms are still as marvelous as ever. His wife even has 1,000 square feet of closet space for herself. That would make anyone jealous.

33. Tiger Woods’ Home on Jupiter Island

This 10,000-square-foot home was custom built for Tiger Woods and his then-wife, Elin. It’s situated on Jupiter Island in Florida, where it has marvelous views of the ocean. The acreage has four putting greens, a putting studio, and a running track, which only makes sense for this professional golfer. To cool off, there’s a 60-foot diving pool, a 100-foot lap pool, and a boathouse where you can take a trip on the waves. The interior has its own wine cellar and theater as well as a game room.

34. Tom Cruise’s Mountain Home in Colorado

This cabin-like home sits on 298 secluded acres out in Telluride, Colorado. It’s 10,000 square feet of comfortable bliss, with panoramic views that would leave your jaw hanging. Natural stone is also included in the cedar woodwork for an all-natural look that will make you never want to go. On the grounds, the actor enjoys a private trail system, a private motocross track, and a separate 3-bedroom guest house.

35. Jay Z and Beyonce’s Bel Air Mansion

This mansion sits on about two acres, but the sprawling complex is definitely something to marvel at. The music entertainers’ home is actually made of six different structures, one of them being the 30,000-square-foot main house. The garage can hold up to 15 cars, and there is also a basketball court and four swimming pools. Not too shabby for a guy who raps, sells clothes, markets cologne, has restaurants, and owns a basketball team.

36. Oprah Winfrey’s California Estate

Nothing Oprah Winfrey does is ordinary. The former talk show host’s property is often called “The Promised Land” and has six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, wine cellar, theater, a gourmet kitchen, and equestrian facilities out the wazoo. At an estimated $88 million, there is a koi pond to stroll by and an avocado grove to make fresh guacamole whenever you want. If nothing else, you can stop and smell the fresh roses in one of the many gardens.

37. George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch

Initially built in 1974, this home lays on 4,700 acres and has been renovated over the years. There’s not much known about the Skywalker Ranch since the details are kept secret. What we can say is that it has a 300-seat theater, a 2-story library, lush gardens, an outdoor pool, and underground parking. It makes perfect sense for the Star Wars director.

38. Bill Gates’ Washington Estate

His lakefront estate encompasses 66,000 square feet. It’s a wonder the inventor of the internet doesn’t get lost in his own home daily. It has seven bedrooms and 24 (yes, 24!) bathrooms, six kitchens, and a library that eats up about 2,100 of those square feet. Other rooms include a human-made stream filled with salmon and trout for fishing, a steam room, his and her locker rooms, indoor/outdoor pool, and a sauna. It’s no wonder this home is valued at about $125 million, which is probably just one day’s work to this billionaire genius.

39. Owen Wilson’s California Home

This actor’s home is one of the smaller celebrity homes in this roster: 1,522 square feet. Some people with typical jobs have houses bigger than that! However, this funnyman says his trips to this home aren’t very often. Nevertheless, the property is quite charming. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a 2-car garage, and a lovely green lawn for relaxing or playing some Frisbee.

40. Tommy Hilfiger’s Miami Mansion

Tommy Hilfiger has been known for his designs in clothing and accessories, and his sense of style is reflected in his home. With 14,000 square feet, there’s plenty to do, or nothing, if that’s what you prefer. The walls are covered in fine art, and there are colorful fixtures in every room. Each space is simply a pleasure to enjoy.

41. Neil Patrick Harris’ and David Burtka’s Home in Sherman Oaks

This lovely home of marital bliss belongs to Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka. It’s loaded with wine cellars, a chef’s kitchen, tennis court, spectacular gardens, a swimming pool, and a library. There’s plenty of yard space for their twins to run around in too, so this place is definitely for the entire family.

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