Best Motivational quotes

  • Another problem of having a good heart❤️ is that people think you are stupid.😔🥺
  • People who get angry😡easily have a good heartthey luv easily and get jealous easily😟but if they hate you🙄.They hate u wit passion.😫
  • No matter how life treats you💔😭 , never regret having a baby 😪🙏
  • Keep your secrets to yourself. Your best friend has another best friend.🐍
  • Lord if I Was Ever The Cause Of Someone’s Pain🙇 Please Heal Them And Forgive Me.🙏🏽
  • Heavenly😍 father to those who’re sleeping with 🙏broken 🙏hearts😭 tonight😍please heal them,🙏to those who’re sleeping with an🍟😭 empty😭 stomach 🍟please🍔 provide for them,🙏to those who’re sleeping😭on the streets🙏😍help them with shelter and also help the one Who’s reading this in Jesus’ name🙏.





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